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Services » Personal Taxation:

We are happy to undertake all aspects of self assessment on our clients' behalf.

We will complete the self assessment form, calculate your tax liability (or refund) and submit the form electronically on your behalf. If you have tax to pay, we will let you know the amount due and the date that payment is required ensuring you never miss a deadline again.

Call us today to see how we can help you through the self assessment minefield!

Remember the HMRC deadlines; paper returns are due by 31 October (even if you calculate your liability yourself), whereas electronic returns have an extended deadline of 31 January.

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Services » Corporate Taxation:

Limited companies are subject to corporation tax on their profits each year. Unfortunately it is not as straightforward as taking a percentage of profits and paying it over to the tax man, there are allowable expenses, disallowable expenses and capital allowances which all need adjusting for.

Sound complicated? Let us do the hard work for you and make sure your business does not pay too much tax on its profits (after all more tax is less profit for distribution to you!).

In conjunction with the preparation of your annual accounts we will be happy to complete your corporation tax return on your behalf and provide you with a calculation of the taxation due.

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Services » Accounts Production:

All businesses need accounts, be it monthly or quarterly management accounts, annual accounts for self assessment purposes or statutory accounts for corporation tax and submission to Companies House.

We can prepare any format of accounts you wish, to the frequency you wish, either working from your records or if we are undertaking a bookkeeping service for you, using our records.

All of our annual accounts and statutory accounts are accompanied by a signed Chartered Certified Accountants report which can be required when applying for loans and mortgages as support for proof of earnings.

Statutory accounts can be filed on your behalf with Companies House if desired following approval by the board of directors. This service ensures no filing deadlines are missed which could incur penalties.

Management accounts can be tailored to show any information you choose, tell us what is important to your business or what you want to know about and we will show you the financial information you need.

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Services » Bookkeeping Services:

Allocating expenses and income under the correct headings is essential to ensure you gain an accurate picture of how your business is performing and what is and isn't making you money! Bookkeeping, however, can be time consuming and tricky as it is easy to become confused as to which heading differing lines of income and expenditure should appear against.

We can undertake all bookkeeping on your / your company's behalf, giving you your time back to concentrate on meeting your customer's demands, whilst providing you with accurate and up to date records on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis as required.

We use Sage 50 Accounts software for our own bookkeeping, and recommend it to any clients' who ask us to recommend a bookkeeping package. However, we do have clients' who use other software and we are just as capable of providing our bookkeeping services to those clients' too.

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Services » Management Accountancy Services:

Sometimes businesses can grow more rapidly than the owner / manager anticipated and the burden of managing the financial obligations can become a nuisance. That's where Beyond Accounting Limited can help.

We offer a complete management accountancy package whereby we undertake to complete all aspects of financial management for your business to include, where appropriate, bookkeeping, payroll, VAT, management accounts production, statutory accounts production and the appropriate taxation returns. Regular meetings are held with all owner managers / directors to discuss the businesses financial performance.

Beyond Accounting Limited can work on a regular basis (e.g. once a month) at your premises or alternatively from our premises in Watford on specified days giving your business our undivided attention at that time. In addition unlimited telephone advice and support is available throughout the remainder of the year.

This service gives smaller and growing businesses the luxury of a fully qualified accountant managing all of their financial affairs without the salary and associated costs of employing a full time internal accountant.

Call us today to discuss your requirements further.

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Services » Payroll:

Payroll can be a lot more complicated than people believe. On top of the weekly / monthly obligations of PAYE, NIC and pay production you hold as an employer there are also annual returns due to HMRC, procedures for accommodating new employees and leavers and the calculation of elements of pay such as sick pay, maternity and paternity pay and student loan deductions.

We can lighten the administrative burden for you by undertaking the payroll function on your behalf.

All HMRC forms can be completed and submitted on your behalf. In addition, we can calculate all deductions due from employees pay and produce payslips for them on a weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly or monthly basis as required.

We will then summarise all payments due to HMRC and provide you with the necessary totals and dates to pay to ensure you never miss a deadline again (where your monthly or quarterly payroll deductions are not settled by the due date, the penalty is based on the amount of tax due and the number of late payments you have made).

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Services » VAT:

Using your records or ours (if we are undertaking bookkeeping on your behalf) we can calculate your VAT liability or refund, complete the necessary returns and submit them on your behalf. We will then advise you of the date and amount of the payment due ensuring that you never fall into arrears with HMRC.

If you are not yet VAT registered we can assist you through the process ensuring that you only register when you need to. Following registration we will undertake periodic reviews of your VAT position to ensure you are on the most appropriate scheme for your business.

Call us to see how we can help take the pain out of VAT for you and your business.

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Services » Company Secretarial:

Our aim is to provide an efficient and cost effective way to set up a company and maintain its statutory records.

We are able to help our clients form a new company, prepare and submit their statutory forms and returns, and help them to keep their statutory records fully up to date (for example, updating the address details when a director moves house).

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